post nuptial contract

Pre-nuptial contracts or a before marriage agreement could have been banned in India, but neither the post nuptial agreements in india are restricted or governed by any law in india, nor such after marriage agreement in india can be challenged by your husband or wife or her parents even after the death of such spouse, because, these post nuptial agreement can not be regulated by any government or moral agency and this is perfectly legal in india, so if you wish to enquire about or read more about the validity of post nuptial contract in india or legal validity of an after marriage agreement in india, then you have come at the right place as these post-nups may include no spousal support to no dowry agreement retrospectively, and similarly, if you sign a no spousal support post nuptial agreement with your spouse then she cannot claim later on that, she was in your confinement and captivity, and that you forced her to enter into such agreement or contract under state of duress, coercion or undue influence, hence your post nuptial agreement in india must be prepared by the best agreement writers or contract writing experts from india, and you may take assistance from your known experts in drafting of such contract/ agreement with your wife immediately or any time after marriage to avoid any  false cases or arbitrary arrest or intimidation by such spouse against you using soft gender laws across the globe.

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